[Jandek] The new Jarndek record - Myht of the Blue Icicle, a word about it

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 18:47:56 PST 2008

Oh! The new Jarndek is terrific. The best indie album of the
decade!...Jarndek is to indie what Dylan is to folk rock..This record is no
exception..If anyone heard the 'live at St Giles' bootleg, well this is the
studio version of it! Jarndek plays an acoustic guitar that seems to be
tuned normally until he strums it..Acid-folk has been popular of late, by
Jarndy, mixes his acid with heavy doses of Stelazine and Xanax and any other
synthetic pharmaceutical you can think of, then throws out some terrificly
poetic philosophy as only My. J can do. Yep its the best underground rock
record from America this decade, this is the sort of folk music people would
be playing in Cormac McCarthy's 'the road'. If you find a better one, well I
dunno I might just come out of the closet for ya all and make the world a
better place!

"Who made who, who made you?"
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