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New to the list, so I apologise if this topic is a bit old.
I was wondering if anybody had any information aobut the inclusion of large portions of silence between tracks on many of the Corwood CD's. The majority of those I own (an exception is 'Nine-Thirty') have exactly 5 seconds of silence before each track, and 10 after. This leads to the odd pause before the album begins, and also to the unusually long gaps between songs.
A few things: firstly, is this unusually long gap included as a wide band of silence on the vinyl, or was it introduced with the digital re-release (I'm wondering if it is an unintentional automatic 'setting' related to the way the discs are burned).
Also, has anybody tried to remove these silences themselves, using mp3 editing etc.? It seems, with an album such as 'White Box Requiem', quite tempting to do so.
To me, the effect is strange, almost going so far as to dissipate the 'unity' of each album. (After 15 seconds, the next track feels only partially related to the one before)... But it has grown on me. I'm just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this aspect of the discs, and any idea whether it is a deliberate aesthetic ploy, askin to the sudden end of 'European Jewel 1'...?
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