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This is what I remember of the London Sunday gig, though a previous reviewer
gave a much better account.

The Nave was a great venue. Good, clear sound, though not clear enough to
pick up the lyrics. 100 minute long gig, most of it hard rocking stuff.
First track had a blinding instrumental passage before the singing started
(perhaps a bit Sonic Youth-y - say Expressway to Yr Skull), our man doing
some great guitar work. Solid backing from bass and drums, pretty 4/4 to
begin with, but getting more free form by tracks 6 and 7. Penultimate track
- must have been 15 mins long - had a nifty repeating riff from the Rep.
Last track meditative.

All in all, impressively different to the rocking stuff on the first few
Jandek live releases. Bassist and drummer swapped places for one song. They
both had a lot of energy. Strong song forms throughout (the Rep knows what
he's going to sing, and the form in which he's going to sing it). Especially
early on, the songs ended abruptly. The Rep sang against the music almost -
he had to raise his voice to be heard. What he was singing, I do not know.

Would have liked to attended the Monday gig, which was instrumental, I've
heard. Brought 2 friends to the gig - one who intensely dislikes Jandek
discs admitted it was better live. She got bored though, she said. The other
said he liked it but would have liked to have heard something more gnarly
like Khartoum, which I sent him recently and he admired. For my part, I
thought it a meaty, satisfying night with killer guitar.

Roll on the live recording, anyway.

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