[Jandek] Caroliner Rainbow...hells yeah!

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Caroliner albums (all uniquely packaged in broken junk):

"Rise of the Common Wood Pile" !!!

"I'm Armed with Qts. of Blood" !!

Though really, much like Jandek, you may want to purchase Caroliner albums in bulk.

 And by all means, if ever possible (no idea if this group still exists or not), see them live!!!

Caroliner is one of the best live entertainment values of all time!

Why not get some "Fat Worm of Error" LPs while you're at it!

Cleveland, City of Magic. Burn On, Big River, Burn On. 

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Just want to add my thanks too.  After reading the 
few mails that day - I can't remember being as excited about music I hadn't yet 
heard since I started reading about Jandek.  My local record shop 
said that they'll be able to order stuff from Caroliner (I'm in Ireland, so I'm 
used to hearing 'No') - can someone please recommend 2 or 3 
records to start on?

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Subject: [Jandek] Caroliner Rainbow...hells 

Cheers to the person who gave us the tip about 
the band Caroliner Rainbow. Check it out on Youtube, guys, it's crazy 
stuff...love it!:) And Pitchfork Media has nothing on them so I feel ultra-hip 

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