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This isn't a subject I really want to think about, but I can say two things
in response to what's here:

1. "whoever books his gigs." That would be him. Curators contact him with a
place and he says yes or no. Sometimes those gigs work out, sometimes not
(he has to want to play there, for instance, and the theatre and band
members have to fit certain - sometimes VERY tricky - ideals that can change
from show to show). I feel very lucky, still, that Denver is happening. At
first, of course, Barry Esson booked the gigs (first UK/ US shows), but I'm
pretty sure everything after Brooklyn has been him and whomever in the area
is trying to get him to play.

2. For someone who relies on so much spontaneity in the music (something I
have always loved), he's incredibly organized in other areas. I guarantee he
has something planned, for the catalog when the time comes... and no I don't
know what it is, and don't plan on asking. But I imagine things are taken
care of, and I'm guessing that releases will continue until absolutely
everything has been released. That's my understanding of the project, mostly

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>  My thought in the past used to be 'would we ever know?'. I assumed that
> one day the recordings would just stop, but we would be no nearer the
> 'truth' than we were in 1978. After all, pre-Glasgow, we had no real up or
> down, or timeline: at the most extreme he could have recorded the lot in
> 1978 and was drip feeding them over the years, he could have been dead since
> 1979, he could have died the week before the last record.
> But now we know a lot more about 'the Jandek project' I expect that one of
> his collaborators or whoever books his gigs would let the world as a whole
> know.
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> I had the same thought recently and it's partly what motivated me to just
> buy the entire catalog.
> My guess is that it ends when he does.
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> > Was just wondering if there will be an executor to the Jandek estate
> > when he passes? I'm sure Jandek's response would be "it's all
> > finished." But, will there be someone to carry on pressing the Jandek
> > catalogue? I'm quite sure there won't be any archival recordings. Will
> > Corwood cease to exist? Perhaps the great Jandek experience will end
> > when he does? Just curious.
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