[Jandek] Re: Preorder Jandek vinyl...a Jackpot Records exclusive

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Perhaps it's from the original stamping plates - can't get more exact than
that!  I assume the Representative still has them and that they'd be in
good shape.  I've got some reissues that were exact repros like this, and
they were quite good.  I can't imagine that it would be a dub from an
original LP when the tapes still exist.

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It is my understanding it will be the same as the original vinyl version.
An exact representation of the original LP (version).
I am not sure if it is direct from the original master tapes or if it has
been remastered from an existing original LP copy (my "guess").

I'm sure Jackpot would entertain any inquiries.

For what it is worth, their other reissue series LPs have been great
(Beauregarde, The Wipers I & II). Fully remastered with incrediblde sound
and nice, high-quality cover packaging. I can't imagine this would be any

jm / pdx, or

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>Looks good. What's the repress mastered from? Is it the original vinyl mix
>or the 2005 cd mix?

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