[Jandek] Hipsters, Autographs, overanalysis, and whatnot.

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Tue Jun 3 05:11:26 PDT 2008

I dunno.  Sometimes people choose a particular cell phone because it comes free or cheap with their plan.  I sometimes wear an article of clothing because it was a gift, and sometimes you are in a situation where you can have any color of Henry Ford's proverbial car that you want, just as long as it is black.  Daily existence is not a mere labyrinth of aesthetic choices-to think otherwise is perhaps an oversimplification. 
Maybe hipsters are ever-so-slightly different from yuppies in that their misguided and perceived coolness is even lamer and more shallow than the 80's variety (also, it seemed like there were a few small elements of the Yuppie sect who placed a premium on "work ethic")?
Anyway, J.K.'s autograph was a very nice coups, La Smith is still a great songwriter and all-around good egg in my book, and all is right with this tiny part of the world, although not with the world at large.
This was a fun bit of discussion, now let's play ball.
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