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well, i was trying to make several different points within that one email. i would say that somethings can be done without intention of making quote/unquote "art", but still have artful qualities that are worth considering. this is especially true of someone that has in the past been very tenitive about expressing their art.


think about the artist that sketches little doodles in the corner of his ballet performance program. or the home demo tapes of the songwriter. what is their value to the audience? is it not an insight into the mental process? or the variations/permutations of the work? if this is of value, than why not something else that is not related to the art, but related the artist's life? why do musicians bother listing the books they've been reading? is it all in a void, without relation to their art?



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I'm not sure I fully understand what you're saying here. Are you indicating that art requires no conscious intention? I'm not sure what cell phone an artist uses has to do with their art. 

You seem to be indicating that everything an artist does is an extention of their art and thus can be view as artistic. Is this correct?

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