[Jandek] Jandek autographs and my "hipsterism" :)

D. Craig Wasson deeeecraig at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 1 07:48:45 PDT 2008

Truth is, because he's such a peculiar personailty we probably all  "over-observe" him; however, I don't think it's merely because he is Janky.  I think that if he were any of our respective neighbors, and not some person with a fan base, we'd still fuss over the details on him, because he's one of those people who is silent to the point of mystery, inviting people to obsess over his inadvertant mundane details to infer that which is missing in his conversation, and also because he strikes me as a bit of a deadpan jester of sorts.
As for the hipster thing; anyone who can hang with JAndek's music for over  5 albums can't be in it for the hipsterdom.  I don't think that your average hipster has the type of ear to stay with the music beyond the novelty of an album or so.  Here, where I live, the hipsters all "go country," and impute avant garde qualities to the safest, least adventurous music in American culture, just to save face.  Like a social contract of "lameness."

From: ardramina at hotmail.comTo: jandek at mylist.netDate: Sun, 1 Jun 2008 03:20:57 +0000Subject: [Jandek] Jandek autographs and my "hipsterism" :)

I apologize for any offense given by my email I did mean it as a joke mostly because I feel like Jandek would think it was funny too that there is such a buzz over him and not even "us" as the mailing list but now other mainstream audiences are now fascinated by the mythical Mr.Smith who probably honestly did just want to be private but that goal becomes part of the mystique and therefore brings even greater fame, what irony.So I do apologize if my pithy nature was taken the wrong way...As to me being a hipster I will take it as a compliment as I am so much a dork that it is a complete compliment :)

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