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That's because Eddie played guitar on "Blue Corpse" and "You walk alone."
also it is known that Eddie was not white. He met Sterling when he was
paving his driveway, and the rest is history...

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> i don't know about you but "blue corpse" and "you walk alone" are the most
> confusing to me... as in the semi normal  12 bar blues playing just makes it
> seem lame and half assed(like any other number of derivative twaddle out
> there)... but it ain't because it is bizarre... it is because it is just
> sadly normal... and that guitar player( if it is the same dude on both cause
> it sounds like it) is BAD!( as in shitty ass weak white boy sameness)
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> Okay, i remember a while ago (2005) meeting fellow Jandek fan Paul condon,
> and i asked him to guess what i thought was possibly the most confusing and
> bizzare corwood release from its entire back catalouge. I added that this
> particulair cd  is literally one big question mark to me.
> He thought for a moment and then answered correctly.....Do any other jandek
> fans know which release i am talking about? See if you can guess!
> Danny:)
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