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Brad B jealousagain38 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 11 13:50:47 PDT 2008

Here's some of what I'd suggest.

1. Naked in the Afternoon [Ready for the House]
2. European Jewel (Incomplete) [Ready for the House]
3. European Jewel [Chair Beside a Window]
4. Nancy Sings [Chair Beside a Window]
5. Painted My Teeth [Modern Dances]
6. Needs No Sun [Foreign Keys]
7. Upon the Grandeur [One Foot in the North]
8. I Passed by the Building [Blue Corpse]
9. Time and Space [You Walk Alone]
10. Janitor's Dead [The Living End]
11. Honey [Follow Your Footsteps]
12. Babe I Love You [Lost Cause]
13. Point Judith [Six and Six]
14. Janky [Graven Image]
14. White Box [White Box Requiem]
15. I Went Outside [Put My Dream On This Planet]
16. I Shot Myself [Khartoum]
17. Real Wild [Glasgow Sunday]
18. Depression [Newcastle Sunday]
19. The Cell Part One [Glasgow Monday]
20. Afternoon of Insensitivity Part Three [Manhattan Tuesday]

On Fri, Jul 11, 2008 at 4:29 AM, Amy Frushour Kelly <akelly1971 at gmail.com>

> Hey! I live in Bay Shore, and I've listened to your show! I didn't realize
> there was another Jandek fan out here. I do an annual Jandek Party, a
> barbeque where we wrap up the evening watching a Jandek DVD or listening to
> some of his CDs. Clearly, you'll have to be included on next year's mailing
> list.
> Some of the live stuff would be awesome, particularly Glasgow Monday and
> Manhattan Tuesday. How about some of the more recent stuff, like "If I
> Waited Twenty Hours" from What Else Does the Time Mean? It'd also be
> interesting to do some comparisons of the tracks from Khartoum with the
> tracks from Khartoum Variations. "Janky" from Graven Image would be fun, too
> -- very light-hearted and playful.
> Really looking forward to your show.
> Cheers,
> Amy Frushour Kelly
> On 7/10/08, Finn Miller <fmaccool at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Yo
>> First, this is not a promo, and I hope no one takes offense to my query.
>> I'm e-ing for your input. I dj a weekly show called "Finn's Revolution!: on
>> WUSB Stony Brook, NY 90.1 (listen on the web: www.wusb.fm) Tuesday eves
>> 7-9pm est, where I play an eclectic mix, including an occasional cut by the
>> Corwood Rep. I also do a bi-weekly summer show called "Odd Hours with Chunky
>> Gomez" on from Tuesday mornings 3-6:30am where I feature specials on various
>> artists I love (last week, I did 3 1/2 hrs of Nick Cave, for example; Sun
>> Ra'll be on the 19th). I'm doing a special on the C Rep on 8/19/08. As there
>> is sooooo much Jandek material, it'll actually be a chore to whittle my
>> choices down to 210 minutes. Now, I certainly have my favorites, but I'd
>> like to know what my fellow Corwood devotees think would be some of the best
>> choices. It'll be like that "Greatest Hits"(!) package we've probably all
>> cobbled together in our heads at one time or another! If you have any
>> specific suggestions/faves/opines, feel free to shout 'em out to the list!
>> Thanks, in advance, and I'm looking forward to your suggestions. ;)
>> *Cheers!*
>> **
>> *Finn*
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