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I asked him about these silences, and his response was that he thought  
it was too abrupt without.


> From: Rob Turner <elephantpie at hotmail.com>
> Date: June 30, 2008 9:43:02 CDT
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> Subject: [Jandek] Silences on Jandek CD's
> Hi,
> New to the list, so I apologise if this topic is a bit old.
> I was wondering if anybody had any information aobut the inclusion  
> of large portions of silence between tracks on many of the Corwood  
> CD's. The majority of those I own (an exception is 'Nine-Thirty')  
> have exactly 5 seconds of silence before each track, and 10 after.  
> This leads to the odd pause before the album begins, and also to the  
> unusually long gaps between songs.
> A few things: firstly, is this unusually long gap included as a wide  
> band of silence on the vinyl, or was it introduced with the digital  
> re-release (I'm wondering if it is an unintentional automatic  
> 'setting' related to the way the discs are burned).
> Also, has anybody tried to remove these silences themselves, using  
> mp3 editing etc.? It seems, with an album such as 'White Box  
> Requiem', quite tempting to do so.
> To me, the effect is strange, almost going so far as to dissipate  
> the 'unity' of each album. (After 15 seconds, the next track feels  
> only partially related to the one before)... But it has grown on me.  
> I'm just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on this aspect of the  
> discs, and any idea whether it is a deliberate aesthetic ploy, askin  
> to the sudden end of 'European Jewel 1'...?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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