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No specifics other than Manhattan DVD at press, but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone.

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Interesting news on the forthcoming studio albums, ryn09 - Nate wrote last week that *Icicles* was recorded in '07 - does that mean there's been a spate of recordings since then? How did Corwood put it regarding the forthcoming albums ...? 


Still haven't spent enough time with the new album to get to know it. Track 2 seems particularly good. Track 1 - a bit of a mismatch of lyrics and music as on *When I Took That Train* ... but this is a superficial impression. Hadn't picked up on there being 2 guitars on the album either. Any views from anyone (Nate?) why this album is so strong? *Khartoum* takes some beating for me for a solo Jandek performance with acoustic guitar ...


Hope '08 is a bumper year for live recordings. About 1 a month would be very gratifying ... 

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Only one listen and I wasn't paying close attention to it, but this is one of the best studio Jandek albums in some time. Sounds like two acoustic guitars on every track and they go into new territory for a Jandek record. Almost conventional at times.  The vocal performance is strong and doesn't hit the higher registers of other albums.

I got word that more studio albums are on the way and that the Manhattan DVD is at the press.

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