[Jandek] (as requested) Full transcript of Jandek on Corwood

Michael michael.p at belgacom.net
Tue Feb 19 13:01:47 PST 2008

Wow so quicky ! What a big surprise ! Thanks so much !
For people like me who's french speaking and can read english but who have difficults with understanding spoken word, it's a gift...

The attachment go thru and works very well to me.
Thanx again :-)


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  (tried to send this message a moment ago using a one-click hoster... not sure if that went thru, but I think it probably didn't... so, trying again.)

  Here is the full transcript of Jandek on Corwood.  Attached as a 120kb PDF.

  Let me know if for some reason the attachment doesn't go thru... or email me at this address and i'll email you the transcript.

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