[Jandek] Trubee Interview Transcript

Jamie Morrison jamski at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Feb 16 15:46:46 PST 2008

I've attached my attempt at transcribing the Trubee interview in Word 
format - it's pretty long, because I did the whole thing, including some of 
the less pertinent and conversational portions of the tape, just for the 
sake of completeness. The only vague point I had (that I can recall) is when 
they're talking about Jandek's influences, and he mentions Haydn - I assumed 
this was a reference to Josef Haydn, but then he says something like 'Freder 
Von Hagen, classical thing'. I don't know if anyone will be any the wiser on 
this, or will be able to hear it differently, but please feel free to make 
the correction if you do. Also, Seth, please feel free to upload this to the 
Jandek site if you see fit!

Transcribing the interview, and consequently paying such close attention to 
it, has inspired some thoughts on the whole thing that I'll maybe elaborate 
upon and post later.

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