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Mon Feb 11 12:49:55 PST 2008

On Feb 9, 2008, at 4:33 PM, Nate Wilson wrote:

>  I just got the new album in the mail.... it is incredible.... I will 
> post lyrics soon.  The album is solo acoustic guitar and voice.  I 
> have attached a scan of the cover.

so, i hope this isn't tantamount to heresy, but...anyone know of 
anywhere this could be, like, heard?  just a little?
it sounds like the kind of stuff of his i like best, but being able to 
check out a little would help.

believe me, i'm not the mp3 type...i love CD's, don't own an ipod, like 
artwork and physical object and separation of one album from another.  
but streaming or downloadable audio has gotten me to buy stacks of 
music in the past several years - and kept me from making some mistakes 
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