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hes a better song writer than bob dylan (who takes every 5 years to do an album nowadays...)
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  Here is a link to a 4 1/2 minute medley mix of some of thetracks off of my Jandek Tribute album.  I didn't include samples of every song, because there are some really good surprisesand guest appearances... I figured I give a couple examples andleave the rest up to your imagination. http://www.zshare.net/audio/52804042993f72ff/ feel free to tell your friends, download the file and enjoy.

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Yay! I would definitely be interested in the Jandek tribute album:) Cheers,Boris

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Here are the lyrics I promised you guysThey are quite miserable and depressing and dark a lot of broken sentences and unfinished thoughts but some of his most powerful to date.    "The Side of the Road"When I leave it at the side of the roadlike trash to find it's way hometo the earth and the hands of timeWhen I'm ready to go away for goodand the bargain's been madeI'll just mosey on like I doWhen the spark has been ignited to the endsand the long trail is behindand the call cannot be ignoredI'll walk into that ?????????Leave it at the side of the roadI won't need those things no moreI won't need to think about the instinct of what to doI'll give it all to black and blueI'll let it all go down surely there's further more to goBut I'm skirting the edge of it nowand I feel like it's coming onThat last mother's not a careAll the desires have closed their doors "I Know My Name"Take this big picture awayI want to be with the little thingsPain and suffering anguish is my namejust call me anythingbut I know my nameI came to deliver a what you wantThis pain and anguishI sat at your door"Hello my darling, why don't you let me in?"Thank you, thank youI know you'll love meAnd I love, I learned to love youbecause I had no choice.You got me in moldand you, I got no choiceand I don't want onebecause I choose youand that's my choicebecause you love mePain, dark and miseryI want to be with little thingsplease take this big picture away from meTake it back from where it cameLet it crawl on the floor and find those little thingsLike a ray of sunshine at the end of the dayand good night all of you folksI'm off to a dream where it dances and playsand sways.The change of those little thingsYou thought you saw it bright and hardYou steeled it down cast your eyes aboutI done conquered this thingwhat's next on the listCome on you big thingsand establish a jungle all around your siteNothing can really bind youYou'll kill it firstI love you my darlingYou know my nameYou don't want to get awayyou got where you're goingIt's the step into spaceYou know you can't refuseThere is no doubtand it sparkles like light bouncing off the silver metal on the tablein the big picture with red and blue and green and blackI'm back at this tableand I'm gambling with youBut you're not even hereI lose if I don't winand I always liked losing becausesometimes later you get to beat yourself againsay "Hi, how'd you do self Yeah I remember youwe went through many placesIf we went or didn't goYou win"I always lose because I love to loseSomeone's got to be on the other side of a got to winMaybe we're left and right I got to losin if you don't make me losethen you're the same as meyou got to lose andhey we can lose togetherLet's lose everything and go away we'll be real lostand if that's your thingYou lost and so did IWe lost togetherNow we're both more lost yeahI'm so lost you can't find meThere's no other souls in this epiphanySo I'm gambling your fictitiousMr. Gambling Please meet Mrs. FictitiousWe'll curse the world yeah...curse you worldYou brought me so low today I'm happy to curse you worldGet the hints from meand don't put me in no black suitI ain't building no barnsYou can keep your animalsBut put me dark and eviland I forget about you the bad things got me when I went their wayAnd all I screech from so withinthat you can't hear meAnd I so like my pain and forget about everythingthe universe is goneIt's stopped the time and I escape into the little worldwhere there's nothing elseI have no responsibilitiesIt's just money and thingsand I hate most of the dayBut when the sun goes downI get a lifeThe afterglow of the day I got enough pain without my bodyI throw my body away and make it a slave to meI got a body for a slaveIt do what I want it doesn't thinkIt so don't feel like you're lost nowbecause I found youand I put you up on my thumbsour eyes are dancing in the late day sunand you are getting aggressiveand you know meI'm deadTake this big picture awayI want to be with the little thingsPain and suffering anguish is my nameJust call me anythingbut I know my nameI came to deliver what you wantThis pain and anguishI sat at your door"Hello darling, won't you let me in thank you thank you I know you love me"and I loveI learned to love youbecause I had no choiceYou got me involved in youI got no choiceand I don't want oneBecause I choose youand that's my choicebecause you love mePain dark and miseryDown down down down downI won't stop going downand wherever you areyou got to know I'm heredown at the bottomI'm here so if you visit meyou've got to be down at the bottom tooWhat you doing here?This is my placeWhy did you disturb me?I'm lying so low I don't want you to find me nowWhat do I do?I feel so nakedBut you still got your clothes onYou got me stripped to my skinI've never felt so apparentLike a mirror you seeI can't get away from this worldAt least once every three million yearsBut I'm here now, take advantage me nowIf you don't I'll be away so fastI'm gone on my last dreamI'm I'm conscious right nowsaying thank you for blackness and the gone gone worldIt was the Frenchman and the Indian they said "Hello, how are you, I give you my world"Let's play the sand and water and forestWe welcome you here, take my daughterand marry herThe seed was planted that got me into this worldI use electricity just like you doBut the treatment has got me fast falling into youI'm so happy to fall I hope I never riseWhat's going down is my joyful rideand I've been walking for decadesPain is such a relief and I'm feeling better nowthat I'm hurt so badJust leave me alone for a thousand yearsI'll make myself wholebut I'll take my timeYou had your enjoymentnow I'll have mineI feel happy without youThe pain is just fineBecause I found someone who loved that pain and I gave it to herNow she's infected with the painthat goes roundAnd when you share it thank god for this painI thank God for my stupidity which brings me painI love my painIt gives me my nameBut the light that still flickersis still there when you're goneI flicker in that light"The Playground"What a playground you gave me when you bought that houseIt had desert wildernessIt had dunes made of sandWild grapes by the riverMatch fire dry grass plumesCat tails in the swampThere were hostile stone-throwing savages afarand they came to our doorMy head bled from the thrown stoneMy friend's mother took his shirt off my headAnd water washed my head and said"You'll be just fine except don't throw stonesand duck your head when you see themLong long before they come to your body"Deflect the barbariansYou can't let nobody take your soulYou have to keep itMake those things and you're livingyou got your head stoned nine years old andbleeding from your headand Albert takes his blue shirt from off his backand wraps my stoned blood headin his shirt and says"Come on, let's go"and we go up his street into his houseand his mother stopped the process of my demiseAnd then I hit the street all cured and pure clean I swept the scenery I touched the water every dayI found you floating in another person everydayLike some wheel of fortuneI found youI found youI found youI found youI couldn't take my eyes off of youand you gave me your presentsYou sat down next to meI brought the chairI put it down next to meI beckoned to youI pointed to the chairYou felt relieved You could be at rest next to meBut you were waiting Maybe I knewMaybe notBut how cares when you're engaged in the raptureof a chanceIt will have to passTransformanceOn to your train I want to take a rideand isolate youI want you with meYou'll never go away because I'm determinedI'm going to disappearI watched them disappearI'm without problemsTo clear path every little transfer of timeThe Paris flowers in DecemberRainbow colors all around I see your gardenI couldn't take my eyes off youYou took my eyesand I don't mind it at allI'll gladly give you my eyes as long as youget the rest tooI ceased my beingI don't exist on my ownI love youLove youI'm not me I'm youand I want you to be meso we can be the same"Last Sunlight"I've got to be like iceFrozen up in timeI can't ever changeIt sure is hard to work with lessI want it almost dryI want you to try try Well I go through the motionsand I move about from various placesI'm at my homeIt's my home thereCan't be no heavy guy out thereYou've got to vanquish your memory and remember meI'm the only thing that exists, and you're all around meI'm the center of the universeYou're everything elseI'm so glad I know youIf it's between 5:30 and 6:00 pmYou know I'll be drinking your wateras I swim in your seaIt's such good exerciseI'm a powerful mageand I know that you like itthis power I gotDon't feel too good or you'll be feeling badJust take it easyDon't get glador don't get sadI'm so enthralledIt ain't goodNo badI'll be above it allIf that's where you liveI live with youThere's no difference thereand about the eagle yes it to youI can't find myselfand I don't want to All inside of youand now I see the other mouth I lookI need you perfectthat's what you are perfect perfectYa-ooweyKill all the bad thingsand boom you're back againThe same that you wereI supposed to do this thatThat you don't understandI don't have to changeand if I break my bodyit's broken and you hope I amIt's a little place I can gofor some kind of thrillExotic and dangerousPestulent maybe I don't knowBut I know I can't surpass threatsIf I'm got to know how you pass time in that placeSo intriguedBut I don't have to moveI'm stuck in youbut I'll take you with meYou won't show yourselfand we got goneand we don't pose a threatand we are oppositesWe come from the North and you can see easywe're something different todaywe could go easy but would we survive the pestulence at the river?To cross To get to that desert on the last part of the riverDid you go north?It's sand and sunbut on the other side it's a river going up and you go with itYou're where the water starts againI got to tell you how my head swings lowand I got to love my lifeIt's my life you seeI lay myself before you trample me downI'm gone for youI disappearI divided and conquered I laid waste your territoryYou loved me for thatI got certain recollection of the rocks and thingsI say bye bye byeI say bye bye     

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i would be interested as well

From: Feigin Boris <railfan93111 at hotmail.com>To: jandek at mylist.netSent: Tuesday, December 16, 2008 3:26:27 PMSubject: [Jandek] Jandek Tribute Album

Yay! I would definitely be interested in the Jandek tribute album:) Cheers,Boris

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