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I wanted to make an announcement that I finally am getting ready to 
release the Jandek tribute album that I have been working on for the 
past couple of months.  It has been approved by Corwood Industries and I
am eager to find out how many copies I should have constructed.
If you are interested in purchasing a copy, I am going to get a list of names together, 
kind of a pre-order list. I will be selling the cd for $8 and will be sending it out
to get mass-produced for the beginning of February.  I do not need any of the actual payments now
I just want to have a good idea of how many are needed.
I have attached a link for the art, for you all to see
and here is track list if you can't get the attachment to work
                          Naythen Wilson
THIS IS A DEATH DREAM: A Tribute to the music of Jandek
1. Naked In the Afternoon
2. Om (featuring backing vocals by Nicole LePera)
3. They Told Me About You
4. Janky
5. I Knew You Would Leave
6. Ace of Diamonds
7. Down In a Mirror
8. Pending Doom
9. Nancy Sings (featuring Lead Vocals by Ken Hallowell of The 19 Summon Man)
10. Ghost Town by the Sea (featuring guitar by Preston Spurlock)
11. This Is a Death Dream (featuring drums by Joel Kaplan of The Quasi-Men)
12. Worthless Recluse
I anxiously await everyone's response.

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