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Listmembers may be interested in aspects of the following event in Dublin,
since the presentation I will be making with William Large will draw upon
the music of Jandek. The presentation will be philosophical in nature, and
there's not as much time as we would like to explore Jandek's work in

*NIVAL seminar 2008: Noise/Silence*

* *

*December 5th 2008, National College of Art & Design, Dublin, 1-6pm*

'There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always
something to see, something to hear. In fact, try as we may to make a
silence, we cannot.' -- John Cage

The 2008 NIVAL seminar will reflect on correspondences and overlaps between
'noise' and 'silence', exploring the associations and uses of these
culturally resonant terms.  Bringing together artistic, sociological,
musicological and philosophical perspectives, this event partly aims to
critically engage with diverse sonic phenomena and their contexts (from
aspects of experimental music and popular song to the aural conditions of
everyday environments).  But we also wish to consider ways in which noise
and silence operate as powerful metaphors, informing our wider understanding
of aesthetics and politics, influencing our rhetorics and practices of

Confirmed participants include:

Phil Collins (artist) Susan Philipsz (artist) Danny McCarthy/Mick O'Shea –
The Quiet Club (artists); Sarah Pierce (artist); David Toop (writer and
performer); Lars Iyer

(Philosopher) Will Large (Philosopher); Anthony McCann (ethnomusicologist)

This is the 4th Annual seminar supported by the National Irish Visual Arts
Library at NCAD (in collaboration with the MA Art in the Contemporary World
and Gradcam). Previous events have included 'Hauntology' (2006) and 'What
Material is Memory Made From?' (2007).

Booking is essential.

Please contact Declan Long (longd at ncad.ie)

or Dr. Francis Halsall (halsallf at ncad.ie).
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