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Haha! I just saw this...

I hope you're not being sarcastic...I realize doing a giant collage of JUST Corwood covers can probably seem a bit...obsessive...but I do like it and it hangs proudly in my music room still. Glad you thought it was cool though, provided you're not yanking my chain/making fun of it...

As if that collage wasn't obsessed enough, my band VCV completed a covers album of 9 Jandek songs - all instrumentals, focusing purely on the atmospheric quality of his music, and not the lyrical (which tends to be what most musicians are paying homage to), although I don't mean to discount the lyrics that way...we really love his writing and feel that it's quite powerful stuff. But yeah we got it officially approved by Corwood and have permissions and everything...so with his blessing we'll be pressing it up hopefully in the next year. I'll be sure to let the list know when it's available, as I think it would really appeal to some of you!


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what amazing art talent!

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