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Hi everyone:)
I've taken the plunge and ordered "The Rise of the Common Woodpile" by Caroliner Rainbow on CD. It came in the other day. This seriously has to be heard to be believed. I think everyone has to hear it at least once in their lifetime and decide whether this is something they could be into.
For myself, I can say I absolutely love it. Big wraps to whoever recommended these guys first. The music is very hard to describe...there are all sorts of random noises (tape noises, doors opening and shutting, things being banged all over the place, you name it), however the melodies (played on arcane instruments such as violas, banjos and organs) are very much there and you will find them actually lodging in your brain after you've finished listening. The lyrics are something else again. The actual words are indecipherable as the vocals have been either sped up to chipmunk speed or slowed down to sound like a long burp. However, the lyrics are helpfully included with the record. I don't recon that many people would have read anything quite as disturbing as these songs. 
The whole album is rather intensely creepy (and this is coming from a Jandek fan), while at the same time being exquisitely beautiful. Kinda like bathing in the glow of the afternoon sun on a beautiful summer day while knowing that reality will very shortly be warped in some strange but definitely horrible way. And somehow not caring.
On the other hand, to some people, this album could be an annoying collection of random noise. Go and buy it NOW and decide! All hail Caroliner!
One word of caution about the CD. The songs on the album are not actually aligned with the tracks. The first song finishes in the middle of the second track, then the second song starts, etc. That this was done on purpose is clear from the track listing. This is what you get for the final five tracks when you play this CD on the computer:
Hey, The 12 songs 2:53
Are Spread 5:20
Over 18 Tracks 11:52
Without Much 4:29
Consideration for 2:59
Archiving as MP3s 2:04
Love these guys' sense of humour. Just wanted to warn people who like to rip their albums on their MP3 players or whatever. It's basically impossible with this album unless you rip the whole thing and listen to it in the original track order.
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