[Jandek] Most confusing jandek disc

Daniel Short danimal1003 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 1 13:36:55 PDT 2008

Nate wilson answered this correctly! 
"I woke up"
This disc always leaves me feeling very errrmmm....well, i cant even describe how it makes me feel.To my ears "I woke up" has a real emptiness and bleakness about it, but also has a really confusing, uncertain and hardly begun feel to it. The presence of yet another "unknown" singer certainly contributes to this. It is definitley the one Jandek c.d. that really leaves me thinking "What was that about?"That aside it is certainly in my list of top five favourite Jandek discs!
Which is:
1/Blue corpse
2/I woke up
3/The beginning
4/Telegraph melts
Well done Nate.
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