[Jandek] Where Has Everyone Been?

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I haven't bought the most recent releases but I thought 'The Myth Of Blue Icicles' was one of the best studio Jandek releases in a long time. I wish someone would book a show in southern California but until then I've never seen a live show. The DVDs have helped a little in that. I'm waiting for a release or two more before I put in a new order to Corwood.

But I agree, the list seems to have been rather quiet lately.


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 I do not know what has gotten into people on this list, but there has been little to no chat at all about the recent Corwood concerts or releases.  It blows my mind.
Very little talk about Philly.... little to no talk about 'Glasgow Friday' and 'Manhattan Tuesday DVD'
It's all kind of strange... I sometimes feel like I am one of few people that actually still get EXCITED about Jandek.  I wish people would pipe in and chat about what has happened in recent months especially.  When I got that Manhattan dvd and there was rehearsal footage I was FLOORED... I figured that someone by now would have also purchased it and found it just as amazing.... I have been listening to Jandek for all long time now and it seems as though people's interest has waned.
I hope not.... I think that The Rep is really pushing the envelope with new and creative stuff.
So I scream from the highest mountaintops to anyone out there
oh and I have enclosed scans of Glasgow Friday........ (also am surprised that hasn't been up yet)

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