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Fully agree with Legendtofski:) Bring on Jandek in academia. I would totally attend the lecture if I wasn't living in Australia. Is there any way of getting a transcript or something:)?
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--Forwarded Message Attachment--From: legendtofski at gmail.comSubject: [Jandek] JandekemiaDate: Sat, 5 Apr 2008 19:07:57 +1100To: jandek at mylist.netJandek is easily worthy of academic analysisi...His bizarre 'career', and MASSIVE body of work compared to say Jim Morrison or J.D Sallinger...A total dconstruction of rock and then a ;seminal' influence on the lo-fi indie thing that has pretty much redefined American rock if you follow the string...The sheer audacity of Jandek's 'thing' AND the fact that he has somehow pulled it off, makes it more than worthy. I mean sheesh they have courses in hiphop, queercore, grunge, moderne indi and other rubbishy music, why not Jandek?

---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Craig Stewart <craig at sxsw.com>To: jandek at mylist.netDate: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 02:10:01 -0500Subject: Re: [Jandek] "Jandek: Psychology and Art" April 11 at Temple U.
Academia? wow, my head's spinning in a good way. How can anyone give a grounded lecture or debate about any kind of truly original music? Human genetics are so complex that any documented thoughts or criticisms on something that sounds like nothing else -- Sonny Sharrock, Tom T. Hall, Wolfmangler, Jack Nitzsche, Patty Waters, Scratch Acid -- comes off as a description of an acid trip or a dream that can never be repeated. If anything to do with Jandek (especially Khartoum, my heavens!) comes up on a final examination, there's something wrong with the world. Please do not let the terrorists win. 

Confession: I'm like totally tripping right now. Cheers then.

On Apr 3, 2008, at 12:06 PM, Lars Spurious wrote:

Very intrigued by this event. I gave a talk on Jandek in the music department at Newcastle University in November last year. There was a LOT of resistance to the music on the part of the audience (I played them 'I Shot Myself' from Khartoum), but I did find an ally in one of the performers in the department prior to the talk. 
I also know that a lecturer in the Philosophy department at University College Cork, Ireland played several tracks by Jandek as part of a third year course on Theories of Interpretation ('The Park' from Ruins of Adventure was featured prominently). Any other accounts of Jandek in academia? 
On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 4:58 AM, chris at wordfortress.com <chris at wordfortress.com> wrote:
For those attending Philly Saturday, here is an event on the eve of theconcert to whet your appetite."Jandek: Psychology and Art"April 11: 4 pm, early showing, 7:30 pm, second showing.Temple University, Tuttleman 105 (13th St & Montgomery Ave).This presentation provides a psycho-theological and literary overview ofthe Corwood corpus. Themes of the songs will be explored via existentialand analytical psychology, and a discussion of mystical states ofconsciousness.  After a brief introduction, we will delve intoparticular songs, focusing on the live performances published on CorwoodDVD's, projected here on the big screen.  Speculations, controversies,and questions will be raised, and audience discussion encouraged.  Prof.Christopher Anderson (Psychology, Temple U.) will present the papers onJandek.  The showings are to be nonidentical.This presentation is free and open to the public._______________________________________________jandek mailing listjandek at mylist.nethttp://mylist.net/listinfo/jandek_______________________________________________jandek mailing listjandek at mylist.nethttp://mylist.net/listinfo/jandek---------- Forwarded message ----------From: "Fabio R." <pippus at fastwebnet.it>To: <jandek at mylist.net>Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 10:44:06 +0200Subject: Re: [Jandek] you know your in a bad mood when...----- Original Message ----- From: "nmhnmh" <nofxfonofx at gmail.com>To: <jandek at mylist.net>Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 10:06 PMSubject: [Jandek] you know your in a bad mood when..."i threw you away" is the best cd you've heard in a long timeseriously i must be stressed or something cause i finally understand this cdMaybe his first Cd after a long time stopHis most important "new step", before live acts.existentialist blues, Patty Waters, etc.. _______________________________________________jandek mailing listjandek at mylist.nethttp://mylist.net/listinfo/jandek-- "Who made who, who made you?"
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