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Sun Sep 30 07:10:26 PDT 2007

Matthew Malone wrote: "...has anyone asked if he'd go back to offering
albums on vinyl?"

Yes, about the time the first Glasgow live CD came out I inquired as to
whether there was going to be more vinyl, or even if there were any
remaining vinyl LPs that Corwood would sell me laying around anywhere.
When the answer I recieved from a "Corwood Representative" somehow
abstractly addressed the nature of photography and art as it pertains to
man's striving for betterment, I fired back another letter demanding access
to any vinyl that may still be or will be in the future available.  As an
attempt to bribe him, and as a riff on the photography response, I sent
Corwood a series of out-of-focus photographs of my friends fixing their
cars, doing bongs, laying in bed asleep, mundane stuff like that.

The answer that came back, from a "Corwood Representative" of course, was
worded rather tersely and affirmed that there were no plans for more vinyl
and there were no more vinyl records to sell anywhere in the palatial
Corwood headquarters.  My photographs were also returned.  The reply from
Corwood was written in a rather stern and dismayed manner, and made me
believe that there are indeed no visions of glorious vinyl in the Corwood
future.  I feel lucky to have ordered the few vinyl Corwood products I did
back when they were still available.

So, it 'aint looking good.

Stacey Graham
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