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Sat Sep 22 11:11:51 PDT 2007

I agree wholeheartedly about this.  I mean, how fuckin COOL is the Boxed Set???  There's been a total lack of discussion about the new records, which is bizarre.  I just got "Brooklyn" today, along with "Manhattan", & "The End of It All".  Unfortunately, Ive only had time today to give Brooklyn set one a quick spin, but so far it sounds so grungey and ace; AND there are loads of places on this where Jandek is being led, rather than leading, which is refreshing and exciting in itself...  
I suppose because its a live album, people maybe feel bad discussing things that happened like 2 years ago. 
I hope that's the case, and its not just that less people are running at Corwood to get the records as they come out...   Now is, without question, the best time to like Jandek, since he's in one of his most creative periods... PLUS he's out and about kicking it with great people, working with people who respect him and he's besting his best.  Lets hope the discussion increases and continues...  Lets all get the new records bought and listened to and we can huv a good natter in the coming weeks about em!

Take care of yrselves guys  

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nothing on it yet then?

supriseid lack of stuff on brooklyn.

people dont like talking bout his music enough any more.
considering the direction its taking latley.
more people on heres music at the minute...

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