[Jandek] OT: great private press records online 4 free that jandek fans might dig

Allen Rendel allenrendel at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 21:23:50 PDT 2007


Thanks for the link.  I love that Gary Higgins album, too, and am interested
to check out some of the other stuff up there....


On 9/12/07, stacey graham <staceygraham at gmail.com> wrote:
> Off topic a little, but maybe not...
> I found a website http://grown-so-ugly.blogspot.com/ that features
> out-of-print and private press and psych/drug/folk of the type that will
> appeal to many Jandek fans, and the complete albums are all posted as .ZIP
> files for anybody to download.  I've been working my way through the loner
> folk recordings from the 1970s that he's been featuring and some, like the
> Gary Higgins album "Red Hash" are excellent.
> He also posts complete .ZIP files of more current of the freak folk/new
> weird america/trance folk and also some more rocking freakout and foreign
> music for all to download, and his policy is that once something comes back
> in print he removes the .ZIP files.
> If you're like me you've devoured books on non-mainstream artists, and
> I've always wished there were a source for Private Press records.  Some are
> being reissued nowadays, but some are just flat-out too bizarre.  This
> person really knows his stuff about obscure musics.  All the way from out of
> print Fahey/Takoma/Basho acoustic guitar discs to French psychedelic hard
> rock to records recorded by musical communes to downer suicidal loner folk
> that makes you imagine the singers were one step from the ledge to records
> that even LOOK like Jandek records.
> http://grown-so-ugly.blogspot.com/
> If this is too off-topic then feel free not to respond in this Jandek
> Forum, and I really don't want to turn this into a discussion of the ethics
> of downloading free music, but all along I've been thinking that there are
> many on this Jandek list who are always looking for stuff that is waaaaay
> out of the mainstream, so here is a good source.
> Peace,
> stacey graham
> Minneapolis  MN  USA
> http://thedaydreamnation.blogspot.com
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