[Jandek] Amsterdam Saturday, Aarhus Sunday

Danen Jobe danen1970 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 13:52:51 PDT 2007

Okay, so after a couple of weeks I've finally got what I think are all the

1. The Jandek Paradiso show is indeed a part of the William S. Burroughs
tribute. The only other act I know performing is Scanner. Scant details

Nothing about our man from Corwood, but I'm assured he'll be there. My guess
is he'll go first, and the show starts at 8:00. Paradiso.nl STILL doesn't
have info, but that's supposed to go up later this week. Supposedly the
event has a homepage (besides the one above), but damned if I can find it.

2. Why not make it a tour? The previously (if ambiguosly) mentioned Aarhus
show now has a date, time and venue. Go here:


Best I can tell is that the show starts at 9. Can anybody else translate?
Not sure what the cost is, but I bet somebody who can read the language will

No info, from what I can see, about who's with him, if anybody. I still
think Jandek/Burroughs go together perfectly.

Hope a few get to go - I'm anxious for details.

Would be wild if he stopped in at Glasgow on the way out, but that would
almost be too predictable. Still, nice to see him back in Europe.
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