[Jandek] new info from Corwood

Mark L famous_mortimer at dsl.pipex.com
Sun Sep 2 22:35:17 PDT 2007

I can understand him not wanting to communicate with his fans, or people 
interested in the music, but I don't get why, when he writes, he has to like 
a person saving words on a telegram. Just sayin'.

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> Hey all,
> My copies of Manhattan Tuesday and Brooklyn Wednesday arrived today, 
> along with some interesting information from Corwood.
> We should expect a "new studio CD next month hopefully."
> In response to a question about whether all of the concerts will 
> eventually be released on DVD, he replied, "Not all concerts filmed -  so 
> no."
> And back when the Fort Worth Saturday lyric fragments were posted, I 
> noticed some similarities -- specifically, "I don't want to win or  lose; 
> I only want to live with you" seemed very familiar (this motif  popped up 
> in the Brooklyn Wednesday lyrics as well). I asked if he  had played the 
> same song both places, and he replied: "Yes, same song  as Boston. Also 
> performed at Indianapolis. Only repeat so far."
> Very interesting. I wonder what the motivation for repeating that  song 
> was, and how he chose concerts to film... and I especially  wonder what 
> the new studio album will be like.
> Sherv

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