[Jandek] The worst day of the year and possibly my entire life

James Davies j.snowdendavies at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 06:02:16 PDT 2007

I had a bookshelf that was above a door collapse when building work
was being done in the room next door.  I narrowly missed by inches the
whole thing collapsing on me and it was traumatic to say the least.

Books and records are not living things in the plant/animal sense, but
when you have to pick them up from the floor and they are all twisted
and torn and covered in dirt you cannot help but feel terrific
sadness.  It's like they've been hurt and you haven't looked after
them properly.

The only good thing that comes out of these scenarios is that you
build better bookshelves next time...


On 31/10/2007, Nate Wilson <visioninapark at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  I had just got back from a really awesome band practice to find my
> bookcase/entertainment thingy collapsed and all of my records all over the
> place. A ton got broken when the shelves collapsed on each other. Also
> broken in the pile of 80's metal rarities and early doo-woop were eight of
> my Jandek records

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