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Seth Tisue seth at tisue.net
Fri Oct 5 19:48:59 PDT 2007

>>>>> "Lars" == Lars Spurious <lars.spurious at gmail.com> writes:

 Lars> Looking forward to Seth's great site on Jandek being updated - is
 Lars> this the longest break there's been? So much going on right now
 Lars> in the world of Jandek. I still check the site all the time. Hope
 Lars> everything okay with you, Seth.

I'm OK.  I approve all posts to the list, so if you're getting list
posts, I'm alive and well at least at some minimal level.  So, uh, I
guess I took the summer off.  (Oh... it's October already?)  I should
have some site updates real soon now... also I owe a lot of people
E-mails.  I encourage people to contribute to the Wikipedia articles; in
the long run it probably makes more sense to have the facts there and
maintained by the community, freeing my site (and my time) up for other
things that don't fit within Wikipedia guidelines.  (There's a lot of
great commentary on the albums there now, but much of it is liable to
get axed as "POV" once somebody notices.)  It was a lot easier to keep
up w/ Jandek back when there were only (only!) 25 albums and no

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