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stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 16:02:43 PDT 2007

> Friendswood TX wrote:  " *your *words or* his *words?  just curious.
> thanks."

I answered back to Friendswood TX directly offline because I was at work and
my work blocks my Gmail account that is tied to the Jandek list, I can have
Gmail forwarded to my workmail but I can't see my Gmail to respond.  I
figured it was worth responding back onlist now that I am home.  This isn't
totally directed towards Friendswood TX, but towards the Jandek

The words "Palatial Corwood Headquarters" were mine, written in a
creatively-written e-mail.  There isn't much that can be stated factually
about Jandek except what he has chosen to make available.  I forget who it
was, but there are some people who seem to question everything anybody says
on this list as to whether what is said is conjecture or fact.  These people
intimate that they have insider knowledge, or may even be in contact
personally (aside from the whole "Jandek" persona) with whomever is behind

I guess my question is why, in a forum dedicated to conjecture and
interpretations, and given that everything Jandek has said has been opaque
obfuscations and evasions, why try to dissemble and prove wrong things
people say?  I would venture that getting angry or trying to set records
straight in something so based on conjecture in the first place, is kind of

Somebody got mad over whether there are or are not basements in Houston.
Really, who gives a rat's ass?  Does Jandek really have access to all the
newest toys or is he a hermit stuck in the basement?  In this case truth
might be more boring than fiction, but who cares?

This whole Jandek scene is based on his "line of bullshit", which may or may
not be more accurate than "Our line of bullshit".  We'll probably never

I APOLIGIZE PUBLICLY to the person in Friendswood Texas if my initial and
off-list response was maybe a little harsh of tone, but every once in a
while somebody comes on the list purporting to know Jandek or know the
facts, and there are few people that undeniably do.  This list, the book
about jandek, and 99.99 of what has been written about him is conjecture.
Nobody is calling jandek Hitler or slandering his sexual preferences or his
skin color, just using their imaginations to see some humor.

It's just Jandek, it's not our policy towards the Middle East or how to cure
cancer.  If a person can't have fun with him, why bother being on a list?  I
mean, he's very cool but nothing more than a musical diversion...

Stacey Graham
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