[Jandek] Jandek Studio album?

Lars Spurious lars.spurious at gmail.com
Sun Nov 18 12:39:11 PST 2007

No Jandek studio album yet this year - I'm getting anxious! I love the live
releases, but still prefer the 'solo' recordings - the albums from 'I Threw
You Away' are my favourite in the catalogue. Didn't someone on the list
mention a new Jandek studio album recently?

Anyone go to the Aarhus gig in Denmark?

I was recently in Ireland, driving round the Dingle penninsula, and saw a
dolmen very similar to the one on the cover of Glasgow Monday in front a
museum of Prehistory near Dingle town. Doubtless there are other dolems
about. The landscape in that part of Ireland certainly recalled the cover of
the album, anyway. Of course the photo itself might be photoshopped.

I'm pretty sure this was the museum, though the photo of the dolmen doesn't
really present it clearly:

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