[Jandek] Please check out this Jandek cover...

matt love mattlove1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 18:45:39 PST 2007

I worked on a collaborative recording of Nancy Sings for Maurice's 5th
annual Jandek cover song open mic. My collaborators and myself were
not able to be there, but we intended to send an mp3 to be played
between the live performances.

My partners in this project were Brad Bittinger, a wonderful musician
who is also on this list, and Lulina, the lo-fi chanteuse of São
Paulo, Brazil.  We didn't get the recording to Maurice in time, but
I've posted it at
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=115031 because I
want it to be available to people that might enjoy it.

The evening I mixed this down (the evening of Maurice's event!)  I was
very excited about the results…I listened to it just before I went to
bed, and I had a lot of trouble getting to sleep..  When I did finally
fall asleep, (and I swear this is absolutely true) I dreamed of being
in São Paulo, and being touched by her warm, soft hands (that's how
they were in the dream, anyway)... and then I dreamed I was at a
Jandek convention, but a security guard was detaining me at gunpoint
in the parking lot while everybody was at a banquet, because he said
he saw a suspicious stain in my car... and then I dreamed about Joe
Sibley (a dear friend of mine who committed suicide in May).  It was
as if I was watching a black and white home movie (the kind our family
made when I was little) of him just going about some business  - it
was like back when he was a little overweight, but he seemed happy.
Towards the real end of his life, he was taking a lot of pills
(stimulants), and not eating much. He was very thin and he looked
terrible, but he thought he looked great...  Anyway, I dreamed that I
somehow entered the movie, and I asked him to look at me, I had a
camera and I wanted to take a picture of him to show to my friends who
had only seen pictures of him from when he was very thin. In the dream
I knew that he was already dead, but somehow alive just for the time
being. He complied, and then the dream ended, but it was comforting,
at least for a while. I don't know if this part had anything to do
with the Jandek recording, though  Joe did love both the song Nancy
Sings and Lulina's music, and I wish he could have heard this

I don't usually remember my dreams, they aren't usually very vivid,
but these sure were! I can't guarantee the same results to other
listeners, but I hope you do take… I'll probably be changing it up
some, changing the mix, maybe trying some percussion.

People on this list may also appreciate her song "The Day" available
on the same page.  It is somewhat reminiscent of the representative.

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