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Kip Shepherd kipshepherd at hotmail.com
Wed May 23 10:37:23 PDT 2007

>I've been reading whatever I can on Jandek, and the best writer I've found
>is Bryon Conley, who has a few relevant things online. He's also on the
>Jandek on Corwood DVD, under the special features and mentions Modern 
>is his favourite recording, and tells of how he tried to persuade Sonic
>Youth circa *Daydream Nation* to adopt the same sound. Question is, how to
>get hold of other stuff he's done on Jandek in print? I know it'll be work
>for the webmaster, but any chance of a section of the website that would
>include scans of material in print? If not, I'd love to get copies of these
>and other print only pieces on Jandek from any members of the list who have

Ask Byron himself: http://www.yod.com/


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