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Mon May 7 00:03:13 PDT 2007

I'm a newcomer to Jandek, having stumbled across his music on a file sharing
site, and have enjoyed going through the mailing list archives.

Thanks to Paul Condon, it was established almost as soon as it was released
that the cover of Corwood 770, *I Threw You Away* showed streets in Cork
probably in the 1970s. I visited the location myself quite recently on a
Jandek pilgrimage.

Checking with a Cork local, I think the cover of 771, *The Humility of Pain*
(the album that got me into Jandek, a couple of months back) is also Cork
based - it's close to Barrack Road. My source says we can check next time
I'm over.

There was some controvery about the location of the cover of 772, *The
Place*. My source in Cork is sure this is definitely close to the Beamish
Brewery. She writes:

'It most certainly IS the front of the Beamish brewery in Cork, whatever
that guy says about chimneys and wings. So that's that. As for whether it is
a reflection or a double exposure...well, of course Paul Condon is correct
in saying that there is no clothes shop opposite the brewery now, the
fashions in the window look like 70s fashions so it is quite likely there
was a clothes shop there then...Contrary to what he says, it is not all old
pubs across the way, but a taxi coop and a letting agents as well (at least)
neither of which has
been there forever.'

Likely something similar with 773, *The Gone Wait*.

Yours pedantically, Lars.
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