[Jandek] Does anyone ever get the feeling?

Bob Lukomski lukomski at hotmail.com
Sat May 5 10:35:36 PDT 2007

It certainly depends on which records you are listening to.
There are other male vocalists on some of the records.
That being said, if you compare Ready for the House with any recent live 
recording, despite changes in style and inflection, that same twangy, 
slightly strangled timbre is there.  Hell, even when you hear someone 
screaming "Don't Paint Your Teeth!" on Telegraph Melts, the same sonic 
imprint is evident.

I am a trained professional vocalist (not that that gives me special 
knowledge or reason to opine), and I know that over the past 20 years as an 
"adult" my overall style of singing has changed dramatically, including 
inflection and how I choose to contour a phrase, as well as how I use breath 
support, etc.  This applies not only to my own work, but how I approach 
church music, jazz singing, what have you.  It seems that the live Jandek 
shows are cast in a different musical mold, both in terms of process and 
form, than what the man was doing 20 years ago, and that can't help but 
change the vocal approach as well.  Mark E. Smith of the Fall has a very 
distinctive vocal inflection, but compare "Repetition" with say "Shake Off!" 
and there's a world of difference.

I think you're picking up on some subtle nuances in the man's vocal growth, 
and that is *really* cool.  It got me thinking about what he's doing vocally 
again (was at the Manhattan show last month, but it left me very 
fatigued)... I'm gonna have to go back and listen some more...



Bob Lukomski

Brooklyn, NY


>From: "Alimarea Vasquez" <beachdame125 at hotmail.com>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] Does anyone ever get the feeling?
>Date: Sat, 05 May 2007 10:00:17 -0400
>Lately I have found that when I listen to the old records especially that 
>almost feels like an entirely different person then the recent live shows.
>The diction, the release, the overall vocalizing seems like a completely
>different person.  I know that your voice changes over time, but ever since
>these live shows have been happening ......  I don't know what I am getting
>at but damn.
>I mean we have the famous ear photo comparisons and they match... and he
>probably would have no reason to switch out with someone else, but for some
>reason my heart tells me differently.
>Has anyone ever had that feeling?
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