[Jandek] Does anyone ever get the feeling?

Simon Greenwood simon.greenwood at mac.com
Sat May 5 07:19:49 PDT 2007

No, I think it's the same person. I still stick to the theory that  
the Representative retired from his day job a couple of years ago  
either through ill health (which has possibly been recurrent for  
quite some time) or simply because he had reached retirement age, and  
decided to take to the road. What might have happened is that he  
hadn't recorded for some time, and built up a backlog which were  
slowly being released as time and money allowed and now that he is  
free to travel, play and release the live shows, there will be fewer  
'studio' CDs. The live environment also gives him the opportunity to  
open up and sing, which isn't always easy if you're recording in your  
basement at night or something.

It does give rise to an idea that I have been juggling with for a  
while though... what if a Jandek gig was announced and when everyone  
got there, it was a different Representative?


On 5 May 2007, at 15:00, Alimarea Vasquez wrote:

> Lately I have found that when I listen to the old records  
> especially that it
> almost feels like an entirely different person then the recent live  
> shows.
> The diction, the release, the overall vocalizing seems like a  
> completely
> different person.  I know that your voice changes over time, but  
> ever since
> these live shows have been happening ......  I don't know what I am  
> getting
> at but damn.
> I mean we have the famous ear photo comparisons and they match...  
> and he
> probably would have no reason to switch out with someone else, but  
> for some
> reason my heart tells me differently.
> Has anyone ever had that feeling?
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