[Jandek] Thought Experiment

Mark L famous_mortimer at dsl.pipex.com
Thu Mar 29 23:43:16 PDT 2007

>Action at a distance always makes an activity you wouldn't otherwise do, seem more acceptable.  Look at >how guns and bombs have altered warfare.  It's the same kind of thing.  A lot of people who wouldn't feel >comfortable bootlegging something at a concert are perfectly happy to download it.  Likewise I wouldn't >feel comfortable stabbing someone to death with a bayonet but if you give me a button that will have the >same effect on someone thousands of miles away, and some incentives and commands to do it, you might >get me to do it (see, Milgram, Stanley). 

Or, you could not compare bootlegging an album to murdering someone? And before you say "I wasn't, how dare you misrepresent me" they're the only two examples you chose so I'm pretty sure you intended the link. At least you haven't said piracy funds terrorism yet.
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