[Jandek] REISSUES and NOISSUES: thought experiment

Herb Gatti hrgatti at shore.net
Fri Mar 30 04:48:04 PDT 2007

OK, I'm just a lurker who finds Jandek's music unique and interesting.  
Gotta make two points and then go back to lurk mode.

1) Anyone who equates downloading mp3s with killing a human being is 
beyond misguided. Even using an "analogy" like this is absurd bs. Plenty 
of sane, logical and well conceived arguements are available.

2) The bigger issue is the technology that has snuck up on the recording 
industry that makes available to millions of reasonably sane people 
around the world the ability to "share" what they have purchased 
legitimately (or downloaded from someone else).  This is a situation 
that has never existed before to this degree. Some artists embrace it, 
some seek legal recourse. I'm not passing judgement here. I just want to 
make the point that this brave new world of digital file sharing will 
eventually be sorted out and new methods of contoling and distributing 
intellectual and artistic content will be developed (are being 
developed). May be next year, maybe not be for another decade. What you 
do in the meantime is what you choose to do. I think thats been pretty 
well beaten to death in this and past discussions. Don't we live in 
fascinating times?


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