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Jonathan Ruhe ruhetang at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 23 19:11:08 PDT 2007

1. Dig Y. Bhekhirst. Jandek heads should love his meandering repetitiveness, crooned in an accent best described as "some kind of foreign": 

Found him on the WFMU Beware Of The Blog (wfmu.org), which obviously has more amazing audio oddities than carter's got little liver pills. Go there when you've got three or four hours on your hands.

2. This girl Naomi Hall friended me on myspace; normally I delete like 99% of unsolicited band friend requests for obvious reasons, but Naomi Hall's really got something. She sounds like a crazy girl from the sticks who heard someone describing Kate Bush's music over a bad cell connection, then decided to fill in the blanks on her own. Some of the most hilariously filthy lyrics ever, too. And not hardly hard on the eyes.

3. I discovered a complete unreleased Flipper album on soulseek. It was apparently recorded around the same time as Gone Fishin', and includes stripped-down live-in-the-studio renditions of all 8 songs from that album, plus three songs that only appeared on live albums, and 5 UNRELEASED songs. For a huge Flipper devotee like me, this find was some kind of Holy Grail.

4. mc chris, dungeon master of ceremonies. The mic-rocking geek lord puts some actual instruments on top of the usual casio beats, and his songwriting is stronger than ever.

5. My boss was kind enough to let me rip his complete Creedence Clearwater Revival box set at work. I can't believe how long I went without "Born On The Bayou" and "Ramble Tamble" on my iPod.

6. Brainbombs - Singles Collection. Furious and filthy. Thank God you can't understand the lyrics. The most exciting and damaging noise rock I've heard in ages.

7. I saw David Yow of Jesus Lizard sing with a 2-piece LA sludge band called Qui, and I am really really really looking forward to the album. Those two kids came up with music that is perfect for Yow's delivery, but never resorts to mere imitation Jesus Lizard.

8. Joni Mitchell to soothe my jangled nerves.

9. Led Zeppelin. Always Led Zeppelin.

Keep on chooglin'. And let me know if you figure out what "chooglin'" means.

James Davies <j.snowdendavies at gmail.com> wrote: >and glancing at the pile: robert wyatt, bobby conn,
fela kuti, no doctors, man of magma...

Is it just me, or is "Glancing at the pile" a Jandek album title in
waiting?  Especially given the wood-chopping theme of late.

On 22/03/07, No Help Forthcoming  wrote:
> On Wednesday, March 21, 2007, at 01:04PM, "stacey
> >graham"  wrote:
> >Wondering what those out in Jandek-land are
> >listening to besides Jandek lately.

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