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Fri Mar 23 09:18:36 PDT 2007

from what i saw of the video...
i think a whole lot of people ran away or hide outside... with good reason of course...
gg putting on his "girlfriend's" skirt in the streets of new york when he realizes there are cops about is hilarious...
the whole damn idea was hilarious actually.


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Wow.  That must make you the 200th person with whom I have had contact
who was there!  That is an amazing statistic, considering the video
footage shows about 50.

On 3/21/07, James Holloway <jwholloway at mac.com> wrote:
> Ha, Prout and Costes are mere trendbots when considered against the truly sickening GG Allin whose final show at Gas Station I saw way back when.
> I come to Jandek from the blues, vs experiemental, side of things. I've been listening to a lot of Roy Buchanan. And I'm looking forward to spending a good hour or so with the Rep from Corwood in New York City on April 14.
> James Holloway
> Brooklyn, New York
> United States of America
> "I am ready to face any challenges that might be foolish enough to face me."
>  -- Dwight K. Schrute
> On Wednesday, March 21, 2007, at 01:04PM, "stacey graham" <staceygraham at gmail.com> wrote:
> >Wondering what those out in Jandek-land are listening to besides Jandek
> >lately.  This comes up periodically but since things always change it's
> >interesting to see how peeps are keeping up with the never-ending quest for
> >good music, and the good people on this list always have good suggestions.
> >
> >My current fave raves - SANDY BULL "Still Valentines Day" - a live set from
> >the vaults, guitar ragas + effects + odd backing tapes,   ANGUS
> >MACLISE "Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda" and "Brain Damage in Kansas City" -
> >really trippy hand-drumming and chanting + hallucinatory found sounds,
> >SUNN0))) & BORIS "Altar" - more accessible than Sunn0))) usually is, less
> >accessible than Boris usually is, EARTH "Hybernaculum" - more of the twangy
> >"hex-era" Earth on some remake/remodels and an original + a great Euro tour
> >DVD.
> >
> >Also, if anybody is into the more, um, splattery ends of where music and
> >performance art meet I recently had the messy pleasure of seeing Jean-Luis
> >Costes (of Suckdog infamy) and Lisou Prout do their latest performance opera
> >on the tour stop after their show got stopped in Rapid City for indecency.
> >It was all that Costes is noted for and then some.  I posted a link to
> >many photos back on the Rapid City newspapers site at an attempt at
> >rabble-rousing and in the name of defending free speech and art and ended up
> >getting all kinds of outraged comments fired at me:
> >
> >http://thedaydreamnation.blogspot.com/2007/03/destroy-me-lover.html
> >
> >Beware, the photos are of Costes.  You get what he is famous for.
> >Cheers to Jandek Land!
> >Stacey Graham
> >Minneapolis  MN  USA
> >http://thedaydreamnation.blogspot.com
> >
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