[Jandek] re: brief SXSW report

Christopher Petkus johnnymeatworth at mac.com
Sun Mar 18 16:55:41 PDT 2007

It's all true. The show was fantastic--who ever thought we'd see the Corwood
Rep play with what at times was a conventional backbeat??? Most folks stayed
the duration, some even sitting in the aisle down the middle of the church!

He got a much more raucous response than the first Austin show, including
one audient who yelled "JANDEK!" between songs.

Two things: the Representative's hat fell off while he futzed with his
guitar strap before the set, and he actually shook his ass a little when he
sang the line "I feel great!!!"

Oh, and a friend of mine spotted him at Whole Foods earlier in the day.

"Texted report from SXSW: band was Ian Wadley on drums, Tom Carter
bass, Shawn David McMillen on harmonium, Corwood Representative
electric guitar and vocals; message reads: "really loud rock set, felt
very concise, total rock drumming with a pulse - church full, 80 per
cent of audience lasted the duration. Another blinder!""

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