[Jandek] Jandek at SXSW

Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 03:26:19 PDT 2007

One hour show... six songs, all with vocals...  

Jandek tonight was comprised of four musicians: The Rep on
electric guitar, drums, electric bass and hand-pumped harmonium.
 I asked a few people in the audience but could not identify the
rest of the band.  The drummer played lots of 4/4 with snare
back beats, and the bass player played strongly and confidently
throughout most of the set.  It was a real Jandek indie-rock
set, with the droning harmonium adding a warm, Larsen-ish
post-rock feel.  

In each song the lyrical "poem" was sung twice: once at the
beginning and again after a lengthy instrumental passage.  The 
vocals seemed a little stilted on the first few tracks, but the
band seemed to warm up well as the set went on, and they 
really rocked-out the final song.

Lyric notes:

Can I come into your house
and be there with you
Can I enter your door
and get lost in your love

You don't know whence it came
Take you to the dreamworld
Wake up it's tomorrow
Tomorrow is another day
Shake your head, come what may
I don't know if I could
do the things I know I should
The time of reckoning is here...

Put on a face, be happy with the crowd
But when you go on to scream out loud
Why is it this way?  Why is it all wrong?
They tell me to look for no good
They tell me to forget about the bad
It's not bad or good, it's just this way.
See me? I feel great.
I got my face on

I keep telling myself that it
Don't do no good
to keep on dreaming, to keep on scheming
about the life to lose, how to give
I think I'll go to the land of ice and snow
where you have your party and it's all for free
Times have changed, it's all rearranged
Now the skies are blue and it's all for you.

I don't like myself
Sorry but I don't.
I feel like a failure.  Don't ask me why.
I can't get a good thing going
Not in my mind
I'll just keep going until the end of my time
I can't put it all together

I can't shake your ???  (looks? boots?)
You're like a chain on me.
Gotta get people off
Hold me to the ground
...stomp on you...

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