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That's hysterical.  I honestly haven't thought about Zoogs Rift in a long time.  I bought one of his LP's way back in the mid-late 80's, callled "Island of Living Puke".  With a title like that, how could I resist?  That was around the time when I bought a couple of Jandek albums. I'll have to dust it off!  I think anyone who appreciates Jandek would probably like that one too!
Another one I bought around that time because of the title  was "Drugs Are Nice" by Suckdog.
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Today's Topics:

   1. Jandek & The Houston Chronicle (Rappin Guy)
   2. 15 pics from the Richmond show... (chadrad at bellsouth.net)
   3. next album (alex langer)
   4. Re: 15 pics from the Richmond show... (Shervin Fatehi)
   5. Jandek's couch (stacey graham)
   6. Re: Zoogz Rift (Milhouse481 at aol.com)
   7. NPR's story about South By Southwest didn't mention Jandek
      (mike hendrickson)

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Subject:[Jandek] Jandek & The Houston Chronicle
Date:Thu, 15 Mar 2007 3:11 PM

Here's the link for a short article about Jandek that appeared 3/14/07 on the Houston Chronicle's Entertainment page:
Lots o' Muzik
Houston TX

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Subject:[Jandek] 15 pics from the Richmond show...

I have just posted 15 pics from the Richmond show onto my blog at http://chadrad.blogspot.com
Chad Radford
1115 Ponce de Leon Ave. Apt. #6
Atlanta, GA 30306
chadrad at bellsouth.net
AIM: chdradford

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Subject:[Jandek] next album

any news on the next album? seems un-jandek like to leave it 4 months!! hehheh 
'manhattan tuesday' i reckon will be next. 
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Subject:Re: [Jandek] 15 pics from the Richmond show...

On Mar 14, 2007, at 10:18 PM, <chadrad at bellsouth.net> <chadrad at bellsouth.net> wrote: 
> Hello, 
> I have just posted 15 pics from the Richmond show onto my blog at > http://chadrad.blogspot.com 
> Thanks... 
Is it known for sure that the sofa, etc. are props for the play being put on at the Firehouse right now? I swear that only Jandek himself would have a couch like ... that. It also seems like the kind of tableau in which he'd record. Is it possible that that stuff was the product of his own staging? 

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Subject:[Jandek] Jandek's couch

Sherv said: "I swear that only Jandek himself would have a couch like ... that. "
That leads one towards thoughts of what Jandek's house is like.  Judging from the album covers it's funny to think it is totally barren save for odd 70s furniture and either avocado green or that funny burnt orange kitchen appliances.  Maybe that drumset from one of the covers in the corner.  Shades drawn tight all day.  AM radio emanating from a crackly old transistor radio on a peeling formica kitchen counter.  Some huge old television that has to be banged on to make the picture look right.  Everything is spotless.  No decorations or pictures on the walls. 
I just KNOW he records in a basement.  A dank dark smelly basement.  It sounds like he is in a basement with maybe a bare bulb on a wire hanging down.

Stacey Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA

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Subject:Re: [Jandek] Zoogz Rift

In a message dated 2/16/07 8:24:54 PM Eastern Standard Time, scott.born at gmail.com writes:
On 2/16/07, Matt Keeley <revme at comcast.net> wrote:
> I love Zoogz' stuff.  I need to pick up the rest of the albums --
> I've only got four of them.  He was all over the alt.fan.frank-zappa
> newsgroup when I was on it (possibly still is!), and when I ordered
> some stuff from him, he actually recognized my posts and wrote "Yo,
> Rev!" on the envelope, which was pretty keen.  I don't think I've
> ever really corresponded with him one-on-one though, but I love his
> music.  "Chromium Slit Negatives" is perhaps my favorite song of his.
> (and for a second, I got really scared when I saw the subject line,
> just because I was worried he'd died, since he's been sick for...
> well, like, forever.  Which basically kinda makes me think that the
> dude will live forever, which is AWESOME.)
Wow, a fellow AFFZer. I'm not sure whether I remember you, nor could I say if you remember me, but perhaps there's a chance either of our memories could be jogged. Zoogz really doesn't post there anymore and, you know, stays away from the computer in general due to his health / eyesight / etc. I have fond memories of chatting with him on AOL in 2000 - 2001 (and sometimes chatting with him on MSN with a couple of other dastardly AFFZers, Batpuller and Erik "Fantomas" Ozborn) and have been known to still occasionally brag that my name appears on the "special thanks" list of his "Born in the Wrong Universe" cd! I think I have all of his SST albums and a couple other assorted items ("Five Billion Pinheads", an original Snout "Interim Resurgence" lp...)

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Subject:[Jandek] NPR's story about South By Southwest didn't mention Jandek

I know he's not the most popular attraction taking place this year, yet I think it's still an error on part of NPR to not acknowledge his participation.  This is a big venue for Jandek, and Jandek is key to the outsider musician genre.

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