[Jandek] Austin SXSW details?

Bill S. django5722 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 19:07:10 PDT 2007

OK, I know when and where Jandek is playing at SXSW.
  But how does this work? How do we get in? Can one "buy" a ticket 
  to an individual event and not have to buy a pass for the whole thing for hundreds
  of dollars? Could any seasoned SXSW people fill us in? 
  Austin is such a madhouse each year at SXSW time, I usually just stay out 
  of town during SXSW week, but for Jandek, I'll make an exception.
  I'm planning on driving up from San Antonio...
  any other Texans going???
  Thanks in advance for any info...
  Bill S.

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