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On 2/16/07, Matt Keeley <revme at comcast.net> wrote:
> I love Zoogz' stuff.  I need to pick up the rest of the albums --
> I've only got four of them.  He was all over the alt.fan.frank-zappa
> newsgroup when I was on it (possibly still is!), and when I ordered
> some stuff from him, he actually recognized my posts and wrote "Yo,
> Rev!" on the envelope, which was pretty keen.  I don't think I've
> ever really corresponded with him one-on-one though, but I love his
> music.  "Chromium Slit Negatives" is perhaps my favorite song of his.
> (and for a second, I got really scared when I saw the subject line,
> just because I was worried he'd died, since he's been sick for...
> well, like, forever.  Which basically kinda makes me think that the
> dude will live forever, which is AWESOME.)

Wow, a fellow AFFZer. I'm not sure whether I remember you, nor could I say if 
you remember me, but perhaps there's a chance either of our memories could be 
jogged. Zoogz really doesn't post there anymore and, you know, stays away 
from the computer in general due to his health / eyesight / etc. I have fond 
memories of chatting with him on AOL in 2000 - 2001 (and sometimes chatting with 
him on MSN with a couple of other dastardly AFFZers, Batpuller and Erik 
"Fantomas" Ozborn) and have been known to still occasionally brag that my name 
appears on the "special thanks" list of his "Born in the Wrong Universe" cd! I think 
I have all of his SST albums and a couple other assorted items ("Five Billion 
Pinheads", an original Snout "Interim Resurgence" lp...)

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