[Jandek] Andrew TSKS on Richmond Sunday

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Mon Mar 12 20:45:01 PDT 2007

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From: Shervin Fatehi <fatehi at berkeley.edu>
Date: Monday, March 12, 2007 8:10 pm
Subject: [Jandek] Richmond show?
To: Jandek Gab <jandek at mylist.net>

> Hi, all,
> As an expatriate Virginian, it behooves me to ask: how was the show 
> in Richmond? What was so special about it? Was it more of a 
> reading,  
> as had been surmised?
> Thanks in advance,
> Sherv

I'll let a Virginian answer that - this is a guy who can easily be found around Last Plane to Jakarta (www.lastplanetojakarta.com) and whose taste in music I have come to respect (and who, if I understand it right, is a local musician himself). I'd looked forward to meeting him at this show but, sadly, my crazy life finally caught up with me and I had to sit this one out. Fortunately, Andrew did a play-by-play on his blogsite that should provide all needed details. Would love, of course, to hear more! Still sad I missed it, but such is life. Five Jandek shows in a small space of time is nothing to sneeze at, and I've gotten that. Hoping to catch another one soon, but probably not until this summer (sigh). Anyhow, here's a link to Andrew's review:


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