[Jandek] Los Angeles?

Matthew Elliott soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 28 08:39:18 PDT 2007

That's a good point..he hasn't done any gigs in California yet, has he? I bet if he did he'd play San Francisco before LA- more of a chance that a far-out venue would invite him, I assume, but, being an east-coaster, my knowledge of both cities is limited to film renditions and documentaries. Still, San Fran seems like a place Jandek would be more into visiting, but who know... perhaps in LA he'd have a chance to pass his movie scripts to people... only to have them rejected and subsequently burn them. 
  btw I loved "the Devil and Daniel Johnston", Jeff

Jeff Feuerzeig <dinmusicjf at earthlink.net> wrote:
  When is Jandek going to come to Los Angeles? We feel totally neglected...

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