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The Montreal show was breathtaking! Absolutely unique in Jandek's 
discography. Very dark and pessimistic (I don't think I've ever heard him 
speak of death, dying and mortality so much - the word "die" appears approx. 
5 times in a line at some point). Jean Derome was incredible, although I 
think he did steal the show in certain parts, the two other musicians were 
more discreet. Derome's contribution did bring a nice, dark, free jazz vibe 
to the two hour set. Loved the harpsichord, just wish it would have been 
even more present. The drummer was quite incredible and fascinating to watch 
as well.

Hearing Jandek sing in FRENCH for a few lines was also a surprise: "Tu es la 
fenetre" (You are the window). That put a huge smile on my face... The first 
track I am sure is about Montreal itself (excursion in the city, streams of 
sex, coffee shops and commerce - or something to that effect, can't remember 
the exact lines).

There was one particular track towards the middle mark, almost ambient, very 
dark and low key, almost like a drone which floored me. Absolutely the best 
number. Another thing is the frequent changing of instruments (Derome and 
Jandek) which makes almost every track sound unique and recognizable, not 
just a long monolithic set. Can't wait for this to come out. Of all the live 
shows I've heard yet, this one takes the cake (not considering the 
historical value of Glasgow Sunday or course).

Those were my two cents...


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>Fascinating, yes, two hours long. I don¹t have time for details, but I can
>tell ³Montreal Sunday² belonged to the long, meditative, narrative series 
>the Corwood shows, Jandek gently touching the strings with a closed hand,
>Jean Derome (so impressing) with his tenor (?) sax standing in the middle
>like a pumping heart, playing various air instruments with a great dramatic
>sense, the percussionnist and harpsichordist discreetly following Jandek.
>First 20 minutes were so emotionnaly DRENCHING that I spent the rest of the
>show trying to concentrate, hypnotized by the very strange mood created by
>this mix of instruments. Ghost tale: someone dead talking to a living 
>and asking him or her to DIE, insistently (die, pleaaasse, die, etc.). At
>one point I could not tell whose voice between the two characters the 
>was taking. As english is not my natural language, I will need the 
>to prolongate the experience.
>      Thierry
>Le 26/06/07 14:55, « spizzletrunk » <spizzletrunk at mountaincable.net> a
>écrit :
> > This was one of, if not, the best spectacle¹s I¹ve been to during my
> > existence.  There were tables to sit at and the music was so damn good.  
>I was
> > fascinated the whole time.  I hope someone with a better knowledge of 
> > Jandek can post their comments on this Montreal spectacle.  I left my 
> > ticket at the door for anyone who needed it.  The Flight from Ontario 
>was a
> > flight from Ontario.
> >
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